Top Foodservice Trends for 2023

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The year 2023 marks an era of massive transformation, with food services attempting to navigate through unprecedented levels of consumer expectation, supply chain issues, inflation, and staffing shortages – presenting unique challenges never been seen before. Technology is unlocking new possibilities and transforming how businesses innovate. Even in times of uncertainty, there are potential rewards to go with the risks, and success requires careful consideration of the influences at play within all food service sectors. As the food service industry continues to evolve, staying on top of trends is vital for success. Be sure to utilize these insights, impress customers with new offerings, and give yourself a competitive advantage! 

Overall Foodservice Trends

Mounting Costs

With the pandemic disrupting supply chains and increasing inflation, the cost of doing business for food and beverage companies is rising. This translates to higher prices, leading to inflation and higher operating costs being the most significant concerns for those executives in food service. It’s essential to look for ways to save money and optimize profitability. Reducing waste, proper staff scheduling, and better buying will help companies weather the storm. 

Southern Ice Cream 2023 Foodservice Trends

Turning to Metrics

The food service industry is embracing data more than ever before. Many companies use cloud-based networks and applications that provide the most robust reporting and analytics. The insight available with the metrics offers power when trying to achieve growth. 


Sustainability is nothing new, but consumers are pushing the entire food service industry to go green. Industry leaders are increasing green initiatives, which have become an integral part of success, offering greater efficiency. Sustainability helps with risk mitigation as well.

Foodservice Sustainability illustration
SIC Sustainability

Evolving Tastes

Consumer tastes are changing, leaning toward enjoying sweets while also looking for healthy options like keto-friendly and gluten-free foods and snacks, immune and mood-boosting foods – consumers are looking for food and snack options to improve overall health. 

Changing tastes for foodservice

Smart Solutions

The pandemic has been a catalyst for restaurants to embrace tech solutions. Paperless menus, touchless payments, and self-serve kiosks all took center stage. There is more of a focus on leveraging technology to improve customer satisfaction. AI and automation will continue to innovate and find new ways to offer maximum convenience. 

smart solutions for foodservice industry

Growing Loyalty Programs

Companies understand the value of keeping customers loyal since acquiring a new one is significantly more expensive. To hold onto their patron base and drive engagement, brands have designed loyalty programs that offer tangible rewards for continued patronage – from free food offers to game-based incentives. With technology playing an increasingly crucial role in customer relations, companies are now turning towards modern methods such as gamification as part of their retention strategies – making reward systems even more enticing!

loyalty program illustration

Prioritizing Working with Women and Minority-Owned Suppliers

Foodservice operators are taking a cue from the nation. Companies are being socially responsible, understanding there is a disparity in revenue and capital between these businesses and others. Equality and equal opportunity is the game’s name, so many prioritize including women and minority-owned businesses in their list of suppliers. Southern Ice Cream is a certified WBENC business, a women’s business enterprise, and is proud to have access to the opportunities, growth acceleration programs, and campaigns offered through the WBENC. 

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To remain beloved by your customer base and ahead of the competition, take note of successful food service trends in your area. It’s an ideal way to discover creative solutions to ensure you keep up with modern challenges! Southern Ice Cream Texas is proud to offer these trends for 2023 and will keep you posted on any new trends. 

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