Mission & Vision

Our Vision


    • To be a great place to work and influence people to be the best they can be.


    • Commitment to integrity and always conduct ourselves honestly and honorably.


    • To provide a portfolio of quality products that meet the desires and needs in the market.


    • Build partnerships with our suppliers and customers to create mutual value.


    • Dedicate ourselves to social responsibilities through involvement in local community support.


    • Minimize our carbon footprint on the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling.


    • Maintain profitability by maximizing markets, having new products, efficient workforce and processes.


    • Growth through continued market development and acquisitions related to our business model.



Our Mission

Sharing the love of quality ice cream!

To provide quality products & services that consistently exceed customers' expectations through the use of technology, dedicated and skilled employees and the spirit of teamwork.

Sustainability Practices

Southern Ice Cream is committed to minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment to preserve Earth for the future our children.

Our key points to accomplish this are:

    • Reduce waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.  We reduce paper through the use of electronic devices and the reuse of cardboard, paper and other materials are highly encouraged.


    • Minimize toxic emissions through the selection of new vehicles and efficient management of routing our fleet and reducing fuel consumption.


    • We actively promote recycling both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers.  Currently all cardboard, pallets and other recyclable materials are recycled daily.


    • Encourage sourcing locally to minimize the environmental impact of both production and distribution.


    • Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to our company.