Marketing Your Ice Cream Truck on Social Media

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Ice Cream trucks are often a surprise chance for customers to grab a quick treat. You can rock the ice cream truck business if you promote your truck correctly, make its arrival more of a regular occurrence, and stay in front of your audience as much as possible. You can do so with social media marketing. While other forms of marketing should be explored, they can’t offer the same benefits or ROI as social media.

Social media takes even the smallest business and allows it to reach a huge world. When you start your social marketing efforts, remember that consistency is critical! You must stay active by sharing photos, offering discount codes to followers, and engaging with your followers. You have so many platforms from which to choose. 

Your best bets are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, and Trip Advisor. They allow you to interact with your customer and get closer to them even if you’ve never met them. Social media marketing will be essential during the winter months as it gives you the chance to stay in the minds of your customers. Southern Ice Cream shares the best ways to market your mobile ice cream truck on social media. 

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Best Methods to Market Your Ice Cream Truck on Social Media 

Pick the Right Platforms

Think about your customers and where you would be able to reach them. Facebook works as a guide for consumers looking for services and products, and they have a great review system. Optimize your page with your location, contact information, events, and a booking portal. Twitter gives quick information and is a great way to let customers know when you pop up! Instagram is all about your product photos and videos! Use high-quality images and share your location.

Encourage Engagement

Post social media posts that will start conversations, prompt likes, and raise questions. Share personal news about yourself, your food truck, and photos of happy employees and customers. Post memes and gifs to get a conversation going that’s ice cream related. Tell everyone about your participation in community events. Ask for customer feedback by posting surveys. Use hashtags with your posts to boost your reach. When followers comment, make sure you respond!

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Build a Loyal Following with Discounts and Promotions

Encourage social media users to like and follow your page. Provide offers and discounts only available to your social media followers when they share your posts, bring a friend, refer a friend, and do other tasks. Maybe offer a 10% discount to those who check in on Facebook when they arrive at your truck. 

Let Them Name a Package

Even if you sell items from other branded names, come up with packages and put them together. Run a contest and select a winner to get the package for free! Ask followers how they would improve the box and what they would name it. 

Partner with Retailers

Find a local business not directly competing with you and ask them to partner up on a social media campaign. Host a pop-up event at their business and promote it on social media with the more established company. They get exposure, and you benefit by reaching all of their followers. 

Show Them Your Goodies

Set up a product list on social media with photos. This gives them a chance to find out what you have and find their favorites. Highlight one item each week, giving a little background on the product and other exciting information.

icecream sundae serving
icecream sundae serving

Post Your QR Codes

Put your social media QR code on your menu and ice cream truck. That way, people can find you and follow you. When you see a new customer, remind them to find you on social media and follow you there for rewards. They can quickly leave your ice cream truck reviews when you make it easy for them. 

Don’t Leave Followers in the Dark

Post your location for your followers all the time! Wherever you are, post it! This is especially important if your food truck is always on the move. Post a teaser with the location ahead of time, so they can prepare to squeeze in a quick stop at your ice cream truck on that day. Set a schedule for certain days. You will visit particular communities and promote the weekly schedule on social media.  If you are attending big events, use social media to let you know where you are in the crowd of vendors. 

Team up with Influencers

Getting an influencer to share your brand online is a wonderful way to reach social media success quickly. Find influencers in your town and partner with them to boost your brand. Choose those with food as their main topic or those popular with your audience. 

Don’t Ignore Analytics

Social media platforms allow you to see how your campaigns perform and which ads encourage more engagement. 

ice cream trucks social analytics
ice cream trucks social analytics

Social Media Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Ice Cream Truck Business

You can’t succeed with your ice cream truck without promoting it. Start with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Yes, it’s free, but it will take your time. If you are uncomfortable with social media, consider asking a friend or relative to help you.

These social media ideas will give you a good start on your social media marketing campaigns. 

When you’re acclimated to the social media marketing world, expand to Snapchat and TikTok. Start promoting your events, offers, and specials on social media and get the conversation going about your brand. Southern Ice Cream provides the tools and resources for entrepreneurs to grow their ice cream truck business and has been doing so since the 70s. 

We offer brands including Blue Bunny, Good Humor, Ashby’s, Hershey’s, Rosati Ice, and more!! Contact us today to learn more about starting and growing your ice cream truck business!  Make sure you follow the blog for helpful tips and resources!