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Mobile Ice-Cream Vending

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We Partner with Mobile Vendors to Support Their Success

Are you ready to strike it out on your own?

Running a mobile vending business can be exciting and profitable and offers the freedom to be your own boss.

Southern Ice Cream works hand-in-hand with our mobile vending customers to be an integral part of their success. With our help, you can reach your business goals and maximize your profits. Please browse through our site and contact us today for more information!

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Why Partner with Southern Ice Cream?

With over four decades under our belts, Southern Ice Cream knows what makes a success story - determination, motivation, and a positive attitude! Let us help get you started and support your continued success.

We're the leading distributor of ice cream in Houston and the surrounding areas. With exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and top-selling brands, we are proud to serve you! We offer a variety of products for your customers. We can tailor a program that works for your business.

  • Wide variety of top-selling brands
  • Competitive prices
  • Quick and efficient delivery services with minimal wait times

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Our Mobile Vending Clients Enjoy:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Access to unique flavors, including vegan, kosher, and gluten-free options.
  • Bulk purchasing options to enjoy discounts when buying in larger quantities.

Starting your own
ice cream business
is a treat!

Let us help you get rolling and ensure your truck has quality products. Successful mobile vendors are passionate entrepreneurs willing to go the extra mile to provide delicious treats and satisfy customers. They make sure their truck brings sunshine into people's lives by being well-maintained and kept clean. They also leverage social media to connect with customers, offer daily specials, and promote events so communities can enjoy some sweet refreshments together!

Southern Ice Cream works hand-in-hand with our mobile vending customers to be an integral part of their success. Located in Stafford, Texas, we provide the following:

  • Quality products: a convenient one-stop-shop for ice cream, chips, candy, dry ice, and bagged ice
  • Rental spaces with 110V outlets for your ice cream truck and industry-related needs
  • Safety materials and resources: complimentary safety decals for your truck, durable metal "Caution Children" signs for sale, and upon request, an educational safety video and reading material
  • Music boxes for sale
  • The knowledge & templates to help you be successful in your business
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Get Started and Learn More About
How We Can Be Part Of Your Success

Apply for Your Tax Resale Certificate

Visit the Texas Comptroller's website. You will also need to check with the city and county where you plan to vend for necessary health and vending permits.

Start an Account with Southern Ice Cream

Supply us with your business name, contact information, and Texas tax resale certificate.

Once You Get Started – Aim for Success

Keep Your Ice Cream Truck Fresh!

Your business is at its best when your truck looks professional and clean. We help you keep your vehicle looking great with new individual decals of the novelty items that you purchase from us and safety signs!

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Partner with Southern Ice Cream Today!

Only the best for your customers! With Southern Ice Cream, choose from famous brands to keep your customers returning for more. Don't miss out – stock your Ice Cream Truck with Southern Ice Cream today! Remember to check out our blog, we include resources to help you build and grow your business.

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Mobile Vending Tips

Congratulations on embracing childhood nostalgia and becoming an ice cream vendor! This is a great way to run your own business, and you'll also join a wonderful community. To help ensure success in fulfilling these sweet dreams, it's vital to keep the following things in mind as you embark on this delicious journey. Ready to make your schedule work for you, enjoy seeing satisfied customers and add a generous cash flow boost?

Check out these tips on setting up an ice cream vending business!

Licensing Requirements

If you plan on setting up a frozen treat business, check local license requirements first. Generally speaking, getting permission for novelty trucks that sell pre-packaged items, such as our delicious selection of novelties, is relatively easy - no running water is needed!

Contact your city hall or other relevant authorities today and start serving sweet treats soon.

Stay Safe

The safety of your customers should always be top of mind - especially when they are most vulnerable: children. Take all necessary precautions, such as staying alert and driving forward only.

Common sense goes a long way toward ensuring their safety.

Learn more at IAICDV.

Sourcing an
Ice Cream Truck

Jump-start your dreams of owning an ice cream business with your ice cream truck!

Good Vibes can guide you through your options. Get all the information needed at Good Vibes now!

Let the
Jingle Play On

The "ice cream song" is a classic treat alerting the community of the Ice Cream Truck's arrival!

However, before you blast it out of your truck, make sure to know sound ordinances in your service area.

Keep Them
Coming Back

Creating lasting customer relationships is key to success as a mobile vendor.

Providing delicious premium ice cream and top-notch service will ensure they return for more each day!

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Southern Ice Cream works hand-in-hand
with our mobile vending customers
to be an integral part of their success.

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