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Refreshing Ice Cream Treats for the Healthcare Foodservice Industry

Southern Ice Cream offers a wide variety of bulk ice cream and single-service options. You will find the perfect flavors with our classic favorites, indulgent treats, and light and refreshing options. We offer unique real ice cream flavors and specialty items for the food service industry.

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Our customers select from our wide variety of bulk ice cream flavors, ice cream, and sherbet single-serve desserts.

  • Premium Ice Cream Bulk
  • Italian Ice Pints
  • Pints
  • Individual Serving Cups

We know the unique demands of healthcare and are deeply committed to serving the healthcare market and providing top-quality products to meet our customers' dietary needs.

We supply hospitals, senior living centers, and long-term care facilities with an extensive selection of flavors and products sure to please the various tastes of your staff and patients.

Indulge your patients, residents, and staff with top-notch ice cream products that ensure a safe, delicious experience! Our easy-to-serve portfolio of enticing novelty flavors will satisfy any appetite while meeting unique dietary needs.

For all your ice cream needs, Southern Ice Cream has got you covered - from 3-gallon tubs to nutritious snacks, offering a profitable solutions for retail patient feeding and catering.

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Only the best for your customers! With Southern Ice Cream, choose from famous brands to keep your customers returning for more. Don't miss out – stock your Ice Cream Truck with our Ice Cream today! Remember to check out our blog, we include resources to help you build and grow your business.

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Ashby's Sterling Ice Cream is the cream of the crop, offering a stunning selection of unique flavors with tons of added ingredients. Available in three-gallon cans, this decadent premium ice cream is exclusively available for the food service industry!

Keep your customers happy and satisfied this summer with 14% butterfat ice cream with an 85% overrun compared to its competitors! Leading flavors include Banana Pudding and Oh Oh Oreo!

Hershey's Ice Cream is a guaranteed real ice cream product, using the best ingredients from fresh cream to fresh fruits and nuts.  We offer a full service healthcare program that includes 3 oz. plastic cups and 4 oz. insulated cups, great for tray and menu variety.  Sugar free and hydration pops are easy go-to options in a fast pace environment.  Additionally premium novelties for lounges and gift shop confections compliment the desire to indulge! A full line of dip parlor 3 gallon tubs in premium and super-premium varieties create fun and nostalgic memories to last. Also, premium ice cream cakes are available for on the go the special occasions.

When you just need quality ice cream delivered at an economical price, our full line of House of Flavors hits the spot. The following flavors are most popular, available in 3-gallon cans:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Butter Pecan

At over 100 years old, Rosati Italian Ice, knows a thing or two about making the best Italian Ice in the business!  They offer a nut free, gluten free, dairy and soy free product that appeases all allergen concerns.  Italian Ices are available in 2.5 gallon tubs, 6 oz. and 10 oz. cup varieties.

Southern Ice Cream has a variety of Blue Bunny foodservice items available for special order. These are perfect for hotels, restaurants, retirement centers, caterers, and parlor shops!

Single-Serve Ice Cream

  • Vanilla Slices
  • Vanilla Bean Pre-Scoops
  • Vanilla Cups 4oz.
  • Chocolate Cups 4oz.
  • Strawberry Cups 4oz.

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