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School lunch and a la carte programs compliant with the new Federal Smart Snacks for Schools standards.

K-12 Foodservice from Southern Ice Cream

Southern Ice Cream was established in 1978 with the mission to provide delicious and fresh ice cream to the people of the southern region of Texas. Our business has grown to serve educational food service and many other channels. Our family-owned business takes pride in our high-quality products and variety to avoid menu fatigue. We strive to exceed our customers expectations and always deliver on our promise of ice cream ordering made easy, delivered with a smile.

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Southern Ice Cream K-12 Offerings

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Southern Ice Cream proudly offers Hershey's Ice Cream products for school lunch and a la carte programs, all compliant with the new Federal Smart Snacks for Schools standards. Our ice cream products contain:

  • No trans fats.
  • Less than 35% of calories from total fat and saturated fat each.
  • Less than 35% of weight from total sugar.

We also ensure that each snack item or side dish contains fewer than 200 calories.

In addition to having healthier ingredients, our Hershey's Ice Cream products have been approved by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation (AHG) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

This partnership is part of AHG's commitment to improving children's health by transforming school food choices. The USDA created the Smart Snacks in Schools regulations to provide healthier food offerings in school cafeterias nationwide.

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Our Hershey's Ice Cream products range from classic flavors like Vanilla and Chocolate to new favorites such as Crazy Cone, Strawberry Scooter, Cookies & Cream, and much more! Not only do they offer healthier snacks with delicious flavors kids love, but they also meet strict nutritional guidelines set forth by AHG and USDA.

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With our ice cream treats, you can be sure that your school cafeteria is offering nutritious yet tasty snacks that are within the parameters of these standards.

  • Our wide selection of smart snack ice cream includes products from leading brands like Hershey’s Ice Cream, Rich’s Ice Cream, Blue Bunny and Rosati Ice.
  • Industry-leading buying power, helping you keep costs down.
  • Our technology system and online ordering offer easy ordering with all the information you need to place the order accurately.
  • Quality service delivered in below -10 trucks on time!

Smart Snacks in Schools Standards

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  • Calories: A la carte snack items and side dishes must be less than 200 calories
  • Fats: Acceptable food items must have less than 35% of calories from total fat
  • Saturated fats: Acceptable food items have less than 10% of calories from saturated fat
  • Trans Fats: Zero grams of trans fats (0.5g or less per portion)
  • Sugar: Less than 35% of weight from total sugar
  • Sodium: A la carte snack items and side dishes must have less than 200 mg of sodium per item
  • Daily Value: Contains 10% of the Daily Value of the nutrients Potassium, Calcium, Vitamin D, or Dietary Fiber or contains Dairy or Fruit as the first ingredient.
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We also offer fun, seasonal ice cream cups.

Download the Seasonal Order Form for more information. *Currently seasonal cups are furloughed until further notice.

Southern Ice Cream Smart Snack

Why Choose Southern Ice Cream?

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  • Delicious quality products will surely please your students and staff every time! Our premier brands offer reliable taste and top-notch flavor.
  • Competitive prices that make it easy to stock up on all the products you need without breaking your budget. Our buying power helps us secure great deals that pass savings on to our customers!
  • Straightforward ordering thanks to our online ordering system and timely delivery.
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We Call Texas Home!

We're home-grown and headquartered in Houston, and we distribute to:

  • Houston
  • Beaumont
  • Lake Charles
  • Nacogdoches
  • College Station
  • Victoria
  • San Antonio
  • Corpus Christi

We're committed to delivering quality, service and solutions.

Our Distribution Center

Our Stafford, Texas distribution center has an 8,000-square-foot freezer, loading dock, warehouse storage, and a fleet of freezer trucks.

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We are proud members of the Texas Association of School Nutrition TASN.

We are also an approved vendor for the following Education Centers & Cooperatives:

  • Choice Partners purchasing cooperative. Learn more on choicepartners.org
  • School Purchasing Alliance. Learn more at schoolpurchasingalliance.org
  • Region 3 Education Service Center
  • Region 5 Education Service Center
  • Region 13 Education Service Center
  • Region 20 Education Service Center

"Indulge in quality, service, and solutions - Get Southern Ice Cream today!"

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Nutritional Information

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Blue Raspberry
Twister Cup

Cotton Candy
Twister Cup

Chocolate & Vanilla
Twist Cone

Cookies N' Cream


Strawberry Scooter
Ice Cream Bar

Chocolate Scooter
Ice Cream Bar


Orange Sherbet
Dessert Cup

Lemon Sherbet
Dessert Cup

Vanilla Ice Cream
Dessert Cup

Strawberry Sundae
Dessert cup

Chocolate Sundae
Dessert Cup

Strawberry & Mango
Juice Rush

Cherry/Blue Raspberry
Juice Rush

Mango Heat
Juice Rush

Strawberry Tropi-Kool
Fruit Bar

Mango Tropi-Kool
Fruit Bar

Polar Blast Fruit
Juice Bar

Vanilla Mighty Mini
Ice Cream Sandwich

Cookies & Cream
Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich

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