Ice Cream Push Cart Party Rentals

Southern Ice Cream Shoot

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Reserve an ice cream push cart for your party, and stock up on ice cream novelties that will make your group smile! Book your event today!

We offer packages that make stocking your cart with a variety of crowd-pleasing treats easy. Kid's party? Choose themed character bars like Ninja Turtle, Sonic the Hedgehog and Spongebob. Catering to adults? Packages offer classic ice cream treats and a variety of premium options.

How it Works

Southern Ice Cream Shoot

We will deliver:

  • A fully-stocked push cart
  • An umbrella
  • A menu of your chosen items


  • One push cart.
  • The push cart will be picked up after your event or the next day.
  • You may also book one of our friendly, professional servers to dole out the treats to your guests.
  • Our push carts use a standard 3 prong 110 volt plug. They are also equipped with cold plates that will stay cold for six to eight hours without being plugged in.
  • The ice cream push carts can be used indoors or outdoors.

Tips for Reserving a Push Cart

  • Provide us with all the details about your event.
  • Place an order early when possible.
  • Schedule your delivery time for at least one hour prior to the event start time.
  • Items are typically sold in either 12- or 24-count boxes.
  • Push carts hold approximately 400 servings per cart.

One server may be provided for one hour for an additional $35.

Additional boxes of ice cream may be added to any package by calling us.

Southern Ice Cream Shoot