Top 5 Ways to Treat Your Employees

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The Big Quit of 2021 saw employees leaving their positions in droves. At the same time, companies are trying to rebuild their clientele and return their sales to pre-Covid levels. Attracting customers and keeping them satisfied can be challenging without your most significant assets – your employees.

Showing appreciation is one of the best ways to motivate your team to stay with you and perform at their best. When your employees feel appreciated, they have higher morale, are more engaged, stay with the company, and customers receive the best service.  Provide recognition and retain your employees! Here we share five ways to treat your employees and improve engagement.

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1. Create a Special Day for Them

Although Employee Appreciation Day is technically in March, you can decide the date, or dates, throughout the year that you will treat them. Make an effort to show them that you appreciate their commitment by offering gifts and planning a big event.

2. Set Up a Volunteer Opportunity

Choose a local community program that serves the homeless, seniors, pets, or the underfed. When your employees volunteer together, they can build relationships, help their community, and increase their gratitude. Even if you’re all working remotely, you can launch a food or clothing drive.

3. Plan a Game Day

Choose group games like trivia quizzes, office Olympics, or a treasure hunt. Not only do they get to have fun, but team building will also happen naturally. When working remotely, search for online scavenger hunts and other games that your entire team can play together even when they are apart.

4. Swag Bag Handouts

If you’re in the middle of the month-end and don’t want to schedule a time-consuming event, you can still show your appreciation. Assemble a bag of gifts, including those branded for your company. Include gift cards for nearby restaurants and coffee shops. Create a custom care box for remote workers or send them a nice lunch through a food delivery service.

5. Schedule an After Work Happy Hour

Your team can get to know each other in a relaxed setting. Mixology classes online can be an excellent substitute for a happy hour if your team is working remotely.

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Schedule an Ice Cream Social

Plan for an ice cream truck or cart to be brought into your location for the perfect ice cream social. Everyone loves ice cream! Employees get a break from work while getting to know each other better.

Order the standards like vanilla and chocolate, adding in some unique options. The variety available through Southern Ice Cream will keep the entire team happy. We can even accommodate those with dietary restrictions. 

Whether indoor or outdoor, an ice cream social is perfect for any company occasion. Don’t forget the décor and toppings to kick your ice cream social up a notch. 

Treat Your Employees Today!

Take this list of ideas and plan your appreciation events. It could be the start of something beautiful that your employees look forward to every year. When you’re looking for ice cream cart and truck rentals, trust Southern Ice Cream to provide professional services

Select our Ice Cream Push Carts, Ice Cream Sunday Party, or an Ice Cream Truck for your employee appreciation event. Southern Ice Cream offers high-quality, brand-name treats for any occasion, and we have done so for over four decades. Plan your ice cream social to treat your employees today!