Five Reasons Your Event Needs Ice Cream

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Planning the perfect event requires a considerable amount of time, effort, and ingenuity from the event planner. With so many details to handle, having vendors to partner with helps you coordinate a successful event for your client. When choosing vendors, you must ensure that you select professionals with experience in events that offer high-quality products.

Your guests expect beautiful and perfectly themed décor, events that run seamlessly, and tasty dining options. Many people don’t realize that food is an important element of a successful event. Attendees of small wedding showers and large corporate events alike expect to be served a nibble or more.  

Event planners must locate and vet the best vendors for their clients. You’ll never go wrong with ice cream catering. And you can’t beat the experience and professionalism of Southern Ice Cream

Whether a casual outdoor event or a formal wedding in a ballroom, dessert is always welcome. Before you finalize the details of your next event, allow us to offer five reasons your event needs ice cream.

Everyone Loves Ice Cream

And why wouldn’t we? Delicious ice cream takes us back to our childhood and summons up fond memories. There is nothing like nostalgia to bring about good vibes and camaraderie among guests. 

Desserts are always a hit at holiday celebrations, weddings, and other special events. Ice cream is a sweet comfort treat that is the perfect addition to the menu for an amazing event. No matter your tastes, ice cream has something for you! Even if you aren’t a fan of vanilla or strawberry ice cream, the options are almost endless. Key lime pie and mocha almond fudge may be your thing. 

Ice cream is also a great dessert option, no matter the season. It helps cool off in the heat of the summer, and it can also be the perfect accompaniment to your favorite warm holiday pie in the chill of winter. Coming up with a dessert to please an entire guest list can be difficult. The team at Southern Ice Cream can help you solve that issue. 

Group of People Eating Ice Cream

Ice Cream Catering is Budget Friendly

So much about event planning centers around strategizing and using your creativity, and another part is budgeting. This analytical task can be tedious, changes can happen quickly, and the budget can sometimes put a damper on your big ideas. Most event planners list budgeting as one of the most challenging parts of their jobs. Food is often the largest expense when planning an event. It’s great to find areas that allow event planners to add a little sweetness without going over budget. An ice cream station, cart, or food truck is a budget-friendly way to bring fun and get guests mingling.

Nostalgia is Always a Good Thing

Remember being a kid as we all screamed for ice cream? Remember hearing the jingle of the ice cream truck? It can be one street over, but you know it’s on its way to brighten the rest of your day.

Ice cream brings those sounds, and the memories, back. There is nothing like nostalgia to bring about good vibes and camaraderie among guests at a party, which helps to ensure a successful event. 

Variety is the Spice of Life

Other elements of your event may be at the forefront of your mind, like music, décor, and killer place settings. But having an exceptional dinner menu and dessert menu makes for a great event, and variety is important.

While some people are focused on steak and asparagus spears, most people want to have a little bit of everything. It’s best to have a little bit of savory and a little bit of sweetness. Having both available will have guests talking about their dining experience for weeks.

It’s Perfectly Instagrammable

When you flip through event photos and social media posts, it’s just as common to see a great meal as it is to see great friends posing for selfies. Take a scroll now, and you’ll catch a food photo. Instagram users end their food posts with some of the platform’s most popular hashtags: #food, #foodporn, and #instafood.  

We cannot stop photographing our food and sharing it for the world to see, and it has become a ritual of sorts. An ice cream cart, sundae bar, or ice cream truck will definitely make a splash on the ‘Gram. And, of course, you want your events gracing the profiles of everyone who attends your events.

We Make it Easy

It’s simple to add ice cream catering to your next event. When planning your event, call or visit us online and simply choose your party type. Choose from Ice Cream Push Carts, Ice Cream Sundae Party, or Ice Cream Truck.

We have themed characters to wow the kids and classic and premium choices for adults. Southern Ice Cream also has Certified Kosher Parve products. You choose to have waitstaff serve or one of our professional ice cream servers.

Southern Ice Cream has provided exceptional service and high-quality, brand-name ice cream treats for corporate events, private parties, and other occasions for over four decades. We love when a great event and desserts converge, and we have options for every event, with customization available.

Our team is experienced in partnering with event planners to impress clients. We’ve been a pioneer of mobile ice cream vending since the 70s, and we expanded to offer food service and special event catering. 

Our Texas-based, woman-owned family business loves working with event planners. We also give back to the community, with a portion of each ice cream push party donated to Child Advocates of Fort Bend. Southern Ice Cream makes special events memorable and tasty.

Be it a corporate event, private party, or wedding, we can add a little to the fun to the occasion. We offer delicious treats for kids, as well as the young at heart. When you choose Southern Ice Cream, your guests will enjoy high-quality brands, including Blue Bunny, Hershey’s Ice Cream, Good Humor, and Ashby’s.