Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Party

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for a party. Whether you’re planning a shindig with friends, putting together a playdate celebration for kids, or arranging a couple’s event, a little planning goes a long way to making your event a success. With the right décor and, of course, sweet treats, you’ll have the Valentine Party guests will talk about for months. Southern Ice Cream has assembled the ultimate guide for planning the perfect Valentine’s party!

Choose Your Theme

Develop a theme for your Valentine Party. Stick with the holiday “love” theme, complete with hearts, chocolates, and red decorations. Or venture out for a girl’s night Paint and Sip Valentine Party. If your crew enjoys karaoke, make a collection of love tunes and have a Karaoke Party. Adult Valentine Wine Swaps are a great idea. Have your guests bring their favorite wine to enjoy with the goodies.

Decide Your Menu

Goodies are a great way to show your friends and family that you love them! We have some great ways to compile a delicious Valentine’s Day spread. Make them at home or order out, whichever works best for you. Here are some great menu ideas for your Valentine Party:

Celebration With Balloons Hats and Horns

Valentine Double Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie boards offer variety. Opt for one with meats and cheeses and another with candy delights.

Heart Shapes Pizzas

Order them already made or a pizza kit that you and your guests can customize to your liking.

Ice Cream Treats

Choose from an ice cream truck or ice cream cart for your Valentine’s party. Even if you stick with just ice cream on the menu, you’ll have all the variety you need. Make sure you provide enough variety in your toppings. 

Choose the Southern Ice Cream Ice Cream Sundae Party Package to kick it up a notch. You’ll get plenty of toppings, including all the classics like syrups, nuts, sprinkles, cookies, candies, whipped cream, and cherries. The best part is – we do all the setup and clean up! Let us do the work as your professional ice-cream server caters to your guests.  

Fun Spirits

For adult parties, serve up some Valentine-themed cocktails.

Add Flair with Décor

Spruce your space up with paper hearts. Include photos of the guests and let them tour the room looking for their pics. Fill your space with heart balloons or fill the ceiling with balloons of different shapes.
Hang garland hearts, bouquets, and tissue paper confetti to set a festive theme. For a unique touch, decorate with unorthodox colors. Instead of pink and red, venture out and use a monochrome or bright orange and yellow color theme.

Handle the Invites

Your invites are just as important as your décor. Set the right tone with thoughtful invitations. Be enthusiastic in your messaging, provide all the details, and wait for those RSVPs to flow in. Your invites don’t have to be professionally created. Use an online design tool or use an online invitation app like Evite.

Prepare Your Party Games

Now that you have your theme and food planned and invitations on the way to your guests plan your party games. Games help get guests comfortable and begin to mix and mingle. Don’t forget your Valentine-themed prizes for the winners. Here are some great Valentine Party games:

Smash the Heart Pinata

Order a heart-shaped piñata and fill it with candy and other treats.

Ice Cream Trivia

Play a trivia game that shows the real ice cream experts.

Heart to Heart Race

Pair up your guests into teams. Each team races to move a balloon from one point to another using anything other than their hands. 

Set Up Activities

Allow your guests to move about the party participating in activities. Ideas include:

Valentine’s Photo Booth

Provide a great backdrop, a selfie stick, and creative frames.

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Crafts are always an excellent activity for kids’ parties. Provide the materials for them to make custom cards for their Valentine’s.

Heart Bookmarks

Perfect for readers, a Valentine’s Day bookmark is a simple and small craft even young kids can complete. 

Rose-Colored Glasses

Decorate eyeglass frames for the occasion because everything’s coming up roses on Valentine’s Day.

Tic Tac Toe Snack Craft

Use graham crackers, icing, and candy hearts to make a tasty tic tac toe game board. Remember to have goodie bags for your guests to take a few treats and the crafts they made to remember the great time they had!

Call Southern Ice Cream for Your Perfect Valentine Party

It’s time to get planning and put your Perfect Valentine Party in motion! Use this guide to create an event your guests will remember! Give Southern Ice Cream a call at 281-949-4036 or book your party online

Select from our Ice Cream Push Carts, Ice Cream Truck, or Ice Cream Sundae Party. We provide high-quality, brand-name ice cream treats for any occasion and look forward to helping you with your next event!

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