Keep it Cool at Your Houston Outdoor Wedding Reception

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The seasons are changing, and it’s beginning to warm up in Houston. If you’re planning a wedding for spring or summer, it’s essential to consider how you’ll keep your guests cool and the sweets you’re going to include in your catering menu. Keep your guests cool and ward off the sweat with some cool ideas and a really cool treat. 

Whether your event will be held outdoors or inside, ice cream is a great way to keep everyone cool. The playful treat brings a nostalgic feel for your guests and helps keep the mood light. And we all know that weddings are for more than the bride and the groom; they are about delivering a great guest experience for your guests.

If you’re not sure how you’ll incorporate ice cream into your wedding menu, Southern Ice Cream has the ideas to create a memorable and cool occasion.

Why Ice Cream is a Great Idea

It’s Interactive

Choose an interactive sundae bar. This allows your guests to choose their favorites and gather to enjoy their treats while enjoying your special day.

It’s Light and Easy

Ice cream keeps it light for your guests, and Southern Ice Cream makes it easy. We handle your setup and clean-up.

It’s a Unique Idea

Your guests will never forget the fun they enjoyed with ice cream, trying out new flavors, and reminiscing over old favorites.

It Offers Something for Everyone

There is something for everyone, from delicious ice cream in cups to bomb pops. Kids will gravitate towards character-themed ice cream treats, and adults will opt for their favorite flavors with fun toppings.

Catering Ideas to Keep it Cool

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

While it’s especially perfect for outdoor wedding receptions, guests at indoor weddings will enjoy the flavors and keep it cool with ice cream. Ensure all of the extras are present, syrups, toppings, and more. Create a signature flavor to mark your special day.

Ice Cream Pushcart

Keep it casual and let your guests serve up the fun themselves! Offer multiple flavors, and a variety of ice cream treats for your self-serve pushcart. Or allow our team to serve them their favorites.

Ice Cream Truck

We all know the joy we feel when the ice cream truck pulls up. Allow us to serve your guests with our large variety of ice cream treats.

Other Ways to Keep Your Wedding Cool

Mind the Sun

Ensure the ceremony is held at the right time of day and in the best spot to avoid direct sunlight beaming down. Try to book your start time for about an hour and a half before sunset. This will keep you and your guests cool and ensure that your wedding photos are picture-perfect.

Create Drink Stations

Keep your wedding party and your guests hydrated with water, lemonade, and tea stations. Offer fruit-infused ice water when guests arrive, including watermelon and mango.

Bring on the Shade

If your entire ceremony is not tented, offer a shaded area for guests to cool off for a bit. Use canopies or umbrellas that match your wedding theme.

Choose Seating Wisely

Avoid metal or wood chairs or add fabric cushions to keep the heat from burning your guests.

Offer Misting Fans

Position misting fans around the site to keep everyone cool and sweat-free.

Provide Customized Pergolas and Fans

Not only can your guests keep their cool at your wedding, but they will also have a great way to remember your special day. Customize them with your wedding date, a memorable quote, or anything that makes them all yours.

Your Future’s so Bright, Offer Shades

Offer custom sunglasses with your initials to keep their eyes comfortable. You don’t want everyone to squint and miss your big entrance.

Lay Out Sunscreen

Include little bottles of sunscreen in the table settings or at the hydration stations to make sure no one gets burned.

Call Southern Ice Cream

Southern Ice Cream can not only keep your guests cool, but we can also make your day easier. Give Southern Ice Cream a call at 281-947-6799 or book your party online. Select the Ice Cream Truck Party, Ice Cream Pushcart Party, or Ice Cream Sundae Party to keep your guests cool at your spring or summer wedding. We offer high-quality, brand-named ice cream treats from Blue Bunny, Hershey’s, and Good Humor. Allow our professional ice-cream servers to serve your guests. Southern Ice Cream is a Texas-based family business that has made events memorable for guests since 1978.