Oil & Gas Employee and Contractor Cool Down Days

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The summer heat can be especially difficult for oil and gas employees, who often work long shifts under extreme conditions. Your company should show appreciation by hosting an event to help them stay cool! Here we share how to plan your perfect Oil & Gas Employee and Contractor Cool Down Days event.

Increase Retention with Employee Appreciation

Employee appreciation is critical in oil and gas. These professionals play a crucial role in production, and retention is less costly than recruitment. When you lose an employee or contractor, you must spend time and money hiring and training new team members. Keep them happy by rewarding them with special days spent encouraging camaraderie and enjoying cool summer treats.

Why Is It Important to Make Employees Feel Valued?

People Happy Enjoying Ice Cream
People Happy Enjoying Ice Cream

Showing your appreciation and making employees feel valued can:

  • Build employee and contractor loyalty and trust – They remain loyal when they know you’re invested in them.
  • Create a positive company and job-site culture – Showing appreciation helps to create an environment of fitting into a family. It also helps to create a culture that is positive and keeps employees engaged.
  • Boost productivity – valued employees give more in return, increasing productivity.

Planning Your Oil & Gas Employee and Contractor Cool Down Days

Oil Gas Employer
Oil Gas Employer

Now that you’re ready to show appreciation, it’s time to plan the perfect Employee & Contractor Cool Down Days. Here we share everything you need to do to keep them cool and make them feel appreciated.

Choose a Date and Location

When working on an oil & gas job site, choosing the right spot for your event is essential. Of course, the selected area should be safe for introducing sweet treats, but it also needs to be accessible to all of your team. We call them cool-down days because it may be necessary to spread the event over two days to include everyone, no matter the shift or schedule they work. Make no critical processes or events are scheduled for your cool-down days.

Set the Scene

Really keep them cool with a climate-controlled tent. In the summer, it’s often hard to stay cool, even when you have refreshments and cold treats.

Invite Everyone

Send invites to all employees and contractors. Consider including their invites with their check stubs. If handing out invites isn’t possible, post flyers and spread the news through company email, text blasts, and company social media.

Get a Headcount

Include an RSVP on your invitation to ensure you have the right quantities of refreshments. You can also assign team members to gather RSVPs and report them to you directly.

Rent Table & Chairs

Choose comfortable chairs and enough tables to give them space to enjoy their cool-down treats.

Keep the Décor Simple

When celebrating at the job site, it’s essential to keep the decorations to a minimum. Decorate your table and chairs for easy clean-up. Use a buffet table and simple tablecloth in company colors.

Book a Food Truck

Bring in lunch. Keep the menu simple as your team is working in the heat. Choose light fare that won’t drag them down.

Set up a Drink Station

Bring in cool drinks like lemonade, water, cool sweet tea, and slushies. Serve their cool drinks in company cups and koozies customized for the day.

Hand Out Goodie Bags

Include a personal thank-you note for their hard work in each goodie bag. Put SPF-30 lip balm and sunscreen, snack mix, and company-printed water bottles to help them stay protected all summer.

Schedule an Ice Cream Truck or Pushcart

There’s nothing better in the summer heat than an ice cream treat! There are many ways to serve ice cream; you’re sure to keep everyone happy and cool. Remember the standard ice cream flavors – vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. But also include variety with a few specialty flavors. Remember to get the toppings to really kick it up a level. Include hot fudge, cherries, whipped cream, sprinkles, and candy. Southern Ice Cream also has those popular ice cream specialty items like ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, and more. Include vegan, lactose-free, and kosher ice cream treats. Don’t forget that your employees and contractors may have dietary restrictions.

Ice Cream Party Packages for Your Event

Ice cream is always an excellent idea for a cool down day. Southern Ice Cream has been providing quality treats since 1973, so they know what makes this delicious food truly great! Choose from our many packages and events including Push carts or Sundae parties to create memorable corporate experiences with your employees and contractors while giving them a well-deserved break.

If you’re looking for ways that are easy too–trust us as we provide professional services around town setting up everything including serving all of those yummy flavors in perfecting fashion before cleaning up afterwards.

Give your employees a break and treat them with one of our most popular Ice Cream Party Packages like the Crowd Pleaser and Southern Faves, or customize your package. Trust Southern Ice Cream to provide the professional services you need. Your employees and contractors are due for recognition and need ways to cool down in the field. Our team is experienced in creating memorable corporate events.Southern Ice Cream provides high-quality brand-name treats for any occasion, as we have for over four decades. Contact us today to book your ice cream party package for your employee and contractor cool down days!