Preparing Your Business Now to Shine During FIFA 2026

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In 2026, the FIFA World Cup is coming to the USA, and Houston has been chosen as one of the sixteen cities to host this prestigious event. With an influx of soccer fans worldwide, Houston businesses have an excellent opportunity to shine and capitalize on the excitement. Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, food truck, or any other establishment, it’s time to start preparing for the World Cup crowds. Let Southern Ice Cream guide you through winning strategies to make your business stand out during this incredible event.

Curate a 2026 FIFA World Cup Menu with Special Pricing

Southern Ice Cream Restaurant Specials

Create a dedicated World Cup menu with soccer-themed meals and drinks to entice customers. Offer special pricing and discounts to draw in patrons looking to celebrate the tournament while enjoying delicious food and beverages.

Host a Viewing Party

Southern Ice Cream Watch Party

Transform your establishment into a soccer haven by hosting World Cup viewing parties. Create a vibrant atmosphere where fans can come together, celebrate, and cheer for their favorite teams while enjoying your offerings.

Spice Up Your Location

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Get into the World Cup spirit by decorating your space with soccer jerseys, pennants, and other soccer-themed decorations. This will set the scene and show your customers that you’re fully embracing the excitement of the tournament.

Use Email Marketing

Southern Ice Cream Email Marketing

Launch an email marketing campaign well before the World Cup begins, letting your customers know your place is the go-to spot to celebrate the occasion. Keep them updated on your specials, events, and offerings during the tournament.

Pep Up Your Point of Purchase Displays

Southern Ice Cream Point of Purchase

Maximize your point-of-purchase displays by advertising the best deals and snacks for World Cup celebrations. Create eye-catching displays that will catch the attention of passersby and encourage them to step inside.

Develop and Launch a World Cup Social Media Campaign

Southern Ice Cream Social Media Campaign

Create soccer-themed ads to promote your specials, giveaways, and offers on social media platforms. This will help build your email subscriber list and increase your social media following.

Confirm Your Access to World Cup Games

Southern Ice Cream World Cup Game Access

If you plan to broadcast World Cup games in your establishment, ensure you have the required streaming services. Fans without tickets will look for the best place to view the matches; your business could be their top choice.

Check Your Aesthetic Appeal

Southern Ice Cream Cleaning Grounds

First impressions matter. Ensure that your business looks warm, welcoming, and exciting from the outside. Clean grounds, well-maintained greenery, and well-lit parking lots will make a significant difference in attracting customers.

Consider Extending Your Hours

Southern Ice Cream Open Late

Consider extending your operating hours on game days, especially if your business is close to one of the World Cup stadiums or if you’re broadcasting the matches. Hungry fans leaving the games will seek places to eat and celebrate afterward.

Be In the Know About Transportation

Southern Ice Cream Transportation Options

Stay informed about road closures, rideshare options, and Metro Rail information to help your customers navigate the city during the World Cup. Being a reliable source of transportation information can earn you brownie points with visitors.

Let Your Employees Join in the Fun

Southern Ice Cream Let Employees Join the Fun

Encourage team spirit by allowing your staff to wear team jerseys on match nights. This will create a fun and engaging atmosphere for both customers and employees.

Make Sure You’re Stocked and Staffed

Southern Ice Cream Stock and Staff Up

Prepare for the influx of customers by ensuring sufficient inventory to meet the demand. Additionally, staff your best and brightest and consider bringing in temporary help to manage the crowds effectively.

Southern Ice Cream Adds Sweetness to Your World Cup Celebrations

Southern Ice Cream Foodservice Trends 2023

As you gear up for the World Cup festivities, remember to add a touch of sweetness to your offerings with Southern Ice Cream. Our wide selection of snacks, pints, and more will ensure you’re ready to serve the masses with delicious treats. Since 1978, Southern Ice Cream has been a Texas-based, women-owned family business serving restaurants, hospitals, stadiums, schools, and more in Southeast Texas. When you choose Southern Ice Cream, you’re getting top-notch products and supporting a company that gives back to the community.

Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to shine during FIFA 2026 in Houston. Embrace the World Cup spirit, offer fantastic deals, host exciting events, and be ready to welcome soccer fans from around the world. Start planning and preparing now to make the most of this thrilling occasion. Contact Southern Ice Cream today to discuss your needs and ensure your business is fully prepared for the World Cup bonanza!